Smishing Triad Impersonates Emirates Post to Target UAE Citizens


This month, “Smishing Triad” has vastly expanded its attack footprint in the UAE. Resecurity, a leader in cybersecurity and threat intelligence, has identified domain names that closely resemble those used by the group in their previous campaigns. Threat actors registered the majority of these UAE-focused domains with Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based web registrar.

“Smishing Triad” fraudsters also listed various Chinese entities as registrant organizations, or the owners of the fraudulent domains. Similarities in domain signatures noted by Resecurity indicate a calculated and ongoing threat to the Emirates. The assessment that “Smishing Triad” is hyper-targeting victims in the Emirates is further supported by the group’s geo-filtering of smishing page access to UAE citizens only.

Resecurity specifically observed this geo-fencing of IP addresses in smishing lures cast out to impersonate the Emirates Post, the UAE’s official parcel delivery service. In fact, UAE-focused fraud campaigns imitating official Emirates Post communications were first confirmed in May, according to local news reports.

Example of ‘smishing’ text

Resecurity specifically observed this geo-filtering of IP addresses in smishing lures cast out to impersonate the Emirates Post, the UAE’s official parcel delivery service. “Smishing Triad” is also leveraging compromised Apple iCloud accounts and illegally obtained databases that contain the personally identifying information (PII) of UAE citizens to stage their attacks.

Specifically, the threat actor acquires UAE resident databases from the Dark Web and launches their smishing attacks from iCloud accounts they have previously compromised. Resecurity has already alerted and shared relevant information with the national Computer Emergency Response Team for the United Arab Emirates (AeCERT).

Resecurity’s HUNTER (HUMINT) unit also blocked the majority of malicious domains that were flagged this week. But the battle against “Smishing Triad” threat actors continues.

Their Goal: To Defraud the Emirates Citizens

Their Objective

“Smishing Triad” has a singular, malign goal: to defraud Emirati citizens. By employing sophisticated tactics, the group aims to extract sensitive PII and financial data from unsuspecting victims.

Their Modus Operandi

The group typically sends out malicious text messages from iCloud accounts they have previously hijacked, while masquerading as reputable organizations like government agencies, financial institutions (FIs), and shipping firms.

These messages are designed to dupe people into divulging their PII and financial data. “Smishing Triad” then uses this stolen data to defraud individuals and businesses. To target prospective victims, “Smishing Triad” acquires geo-specific PII databases obtained from access brokers on the Dark Web.

Regarding the group’s malicious infrastructure, Resecurity has observed “Smishing Triad” threat actors registering fraudulent domains through Singaporean website registrar Pte. Ltd.

Technical Insights

Domain Details – Key Information
  • Domain Name:
  • Registrar: Pte. Ltd.
  • Creation Date: 2023-09-13
  • Registry Expiry Date: 2024-09-13
  • Name Servers:,

The domain,, is a critical asset in “Smishing Triad’s” campaign against the UAE. Its structure and registration details closely mirror those of domains used in earlier campaigns, suggesting a consistent and evolving modus operandi.

Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

iMessage as a Delivery Method

“Smishing Triad” is known to use compromised iCloud accounts to send iMessages, a tactic that makes their SMS scams more credible. The group is targeting UAE-specific users, while masquerading as the Emirates Post and other local organizations.

The victim will be asked to select the payment option, typically a small fee, then on the next page they’re asked to enter personal and credit card information.

The next screen, the victim is asked to enter their personal information followed by the request to proceed with the payment (credit card) information.


Beyond proprietary smishing attacks, the group also offers ‘smishing kits’ for sale on platforms like Telegram. This fraud-as-a-service (FaaS) model enables “Smishing Triad” to scale their operations by empowering other cybercriminals to leverage their tooling and launch independent attacks.


The Need for Vigilance

As “Smishing Triad” expands its FaaS operations to target the Emirates, both cybersecurity agencies and UAE citizens must remain vigilant. Fraud awareness campaigns and educational programs are essential first lines of defense against these rapidly evolving threats.

Proactive Measures

Empowered by Resecurity’s discovery of the domain names and attack patterns associated with “Smishing Triad,” cybersecurity agencies are now capable of engaging in proactive monitoring, intervention, and mitigation. These measures could involve taking down malicious domains, tracking down threat actors behind them, and implementing more robust cybersecurity controls to protect UAE citizens.

Per Article 11 of the 2021 Emirates’ Cybercrime Law, “creating fake websites, email accounts, or impersonating someone else can lead to detention and fines ranging from AED 50,000 to AED 200,000. If these fabricated accounts are used to harm the victim, the perpetrator may face imprisonment for a minimum of two years.”

Penalties for cybercriminal offenses that harm UAE nationals or organizations become even harsher when “state institutions’ websites or accounts are involved, leading to imprisonment for up to five years and fines ranging from AED 200,000 to AED 2,000,000.”

To assist victims of cybercrime, the government of the UAE has established multiple “easy reporting” services that include a dedicated ‘e-crime website,’ the Dubai Police website, and the ‘My Safe Society’ application. These user-friendly tools allow UAE residents to easily report cybercrime incidents.

The UAE has also established the ‘Cyber Pulse’ Initiative, an endeavor that “aims to encourage community members in the UAE to play a part in cybersecurity efforts. It seeks to enhance public awareness on suspicious online activities and the necessary steps to be taken from becoming a victim of ePhishing.”

To defend against the growing threat of “Smishing Triad” and other cybercriminal actors, UAE citizens and residents should consider the following best practices:

  • Avoid publishing private contact information on unreliable online platforms
  • Be cautious of unknown links sent through text messages or emails
  • Only download apps from trusted sources
  • Keep backup copies of personal data
  • Regularly update smartphone operating systems
  • Watch for signs of electronic fraud, such as abnormal battery consumption or slower processing speeds

IOC (Indicators of compromise)

Domains focusing on Telegram
telegram-1[.]org telagran[.]org telegram-j[.]org
telagram-1[.]org telagram-i[.]org telagram-l[.]org
telegram-1i[.]org telegram-h[.]org telegram-il[.]org
telegram-jl[.]org telegram-jt[.]org telegram-u[.]org
telegram-y[.]org telagrem-l[.]org
All Other Domains
0pti[.]top comnmbak[.]vip nl29s[.]xyz
15ip[.]top comnmbank[.]vip nml1[.]org
1hx0[.]top comnmbnk[.]vip nnu4l[.]top
1iw3[.]top comnnbak[.]xyz nudl0l[.]top
1lv0[.]top comnnbank[.]vip nv7d[.]top
1obs[.]top conmmbak[.]vip nyav[.]top
1oin[.]top conmmbank[.]vip o1z0[.]top
1yl[.]top conmnbak[.]vip odhb[.]top
1yll[.]top conmnbank[.]vip odl2[.]top
20in[.]top connmbak[.]vip og3u[.]top
2lfy[.]top connmbank[.]vip p1cz[.]top
2wao[.]top cpiz[.]top p1ml[.]top
2wgh[.]top d7fk[.]top pkaj[.]top
2x0o[.]top df1u[.]org qan1[.]top
2xlb[.]top dkii[.]top qq7t[.]top
3cqp[.]top dly1[.]top qrvk[.]top
3dal[.]top edi8[.]top r4lg[.]top
3guf[.]top efij[.]top ra1p[.]top
3gul[.]top eha1[.]top rij1[.]org
3l7xk[.]top emtg[.]top rs1u[.]top
4cel[.]top erjj[.]top rstv[.]top
4ece[.]top f5pl[.]top s9bj[.]top
4eyz[.]top fbx8[.]top sin3l[.]top
4jzo[.]top fet4[.]top suic[.]top
5a7p[.]top ffm7[.]top svq6[.]top
5fzx[.]top gj9t[.]top szp2[.]top
5iacc[.]top gjeg[.]top t2wr[.]top
5qfk[.]top gzki[.]org t78k[.]top
5ta1[.]top gzn6[.]top tga3[.]top
60xm[.]top h14i[.]top tnuk[.]top
6llp[.]top hb06[.]top ttp0[.]top
6pjj[.]top hb1i[.]org u4ae[.]top
7at3[.]top i2lk[.]top ueox5[.]top
7e3w[.]top i2ro[.]top uld3s[.]xyz
7pyi[.]top i73o[.]top un3ls[.]xyz
8h5c[.]top ig3s[.]top unfl3[.]top
8jcy[.]top ikdle3[.]top unfo3[.]top
8vei[.]top iknv[.]top unrpl[.]top
9cau[.]top im3ls[.]top ups1[.]top
9llu[.]top inr3l[.]xyz upsl[.]top
a1hr[.]top irjy[.]top us3ls[.]top
a1ic[.]top itd1[.]org uvm2[.]top
a4kh[.]top ixva[.]top uwqb[.]top
a78p[.]top j7cp[.]top uyb1o[.]top
abt7[.]top jh0l[.]org v0fj[.]top
aggq[.]top jhi7[.]top v6il[.]top
ai0y[.]top jk1q[.]top vgeq[.]top
ak3z[.]top jlinx[.]top vjya[.]top
akq4[.]top jo3lk[.]xyz vmn1[.]top
alpxm[.]top juil[.]top vp4f[.]top
aqty[.]top jusl3[.]top w0mq[.]top
atp2[.]top kcns1[.]top w3ot[.]top
auck[.]top kcx1i[.]top w3zx[.]top
auek[.]top koxw[.]top waxk[.]top
awx1[.]top ku6t[.]top wd9g[.]top
b4vt[.]top kwl1[.]org wu1rn[.]top
bfc1[.]top l1sl[.]top wvqc[.]top
bue9l[.]xyz l3y[.]in x4ld[.]top
bxav[.]top l5gl[.]top x6io[.]top
c6lm[.]top l9mf[.]top xs14[.]top
ccmmbank[.]vip ldp8[.]top xym3[.]top
cd1l[.]org lr2k[.]top yis3k[.]top
cdl6[.]top ls9l[.]top yjdo[.]top
cfqo[.]top mg1a[.]top yq0r[.]top
combank[.]top mloe2[.]top yqlo[.]top
commbak[.]vip mu-2[.]top ysio[.]top
commbak[.]xyz myr7[.]top yxw6[.]top
commmbak[.]vip n30sk[.]top z0mi[.]top
commnbank[.]vip n3d8[.]top z14r[.]top
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