Threat actors hacked Taiwan-based Chunghwa Telecom

Chunghwa Telecom Company, Ltd. (literally Chinese Telecom Company) is the largest integrated telecom service provider in Taiwan, and the incumbent local exchange carrier of PSTN, Mobile, and broadband services in the country.

Threat actors stole sensitive information from the company, including military and government documents, revealed Taiwan’s Defense Ministry. Threat actors claim they have stolen 1.7 TeraBytes of data” that included government contracts.

Leaked data, including a contract between the Navy and Chunghwa Telecom, are available for sale on a dark web hacking forum, Broadcaster TVBS first reported.

“The initial analysis of this case is that hackers obtained Chunghwa Telecom’s sensitive information and sold it on the dark web, including documents from the army, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Coast Guard Administration and other units,” the Defense Ministry said. “We have asked the contractor involved to strengthen its information security control to prevent any further incidents.”

Taiwan’s Defence Ministry pointed out that the leaked data, including contracts, did not contain confidential information.

“Currently, there is no significant impact on the Company’s operations,” reads a statement published by the company.

“Government officials have said that persistent cyber threats are a form of “grey zone harassment” engaged in by China on a near-daily basis, including flying warplanes around the island and sending vessels to its surrounding waters.” reported AFP agency.

Taiwan was a top target of cyber attacks ahead of the national elections. Cybersecurity experts attribute the vast majority of these attacks to China-linked threat actors. The country continues to be the target of an impressive number of cyber espionage campaigns.

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Pierluigi Paganini

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