Threat Actor Allegedly Offers User Data from AllTech and CWU Companies for Sale – Daily Dark Web

Allegedly, a threat actor has emerged claiming to have offered for sale databases purportedly belonging to AllTech and CWU companies. These databases, allegedly compromised, contain sensitive information potentially posing significant risks to the affected organizations and individuals.

The attacker claims to have obtained sensitive user information of AllTech, including details of:

  • 14,800 Client/Employee Users Data: Name, Company, Phone, Email, Password, Salt
  • 20 Employee/Client Users Data: Fullname, Phone, Email, UserName, Password
  • 15 System Admin Users Data: Fullname, Email, Password

In addition, this actor purportedly breached a critical data involving the Communication Workers Union (CWU), a prominent membership organization. The attacker has gained unauthorized access to sensitive 71 WordPress Users information.

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