Remediating Vulnerabilities with Amazon Inspector

The video is a walkthrough of a lab on Pwn Labs focusing on using Amazon Inspector for vulnerability management and remediation. Here are the key points covered in the video:

  1. Introduction to Pwn Labs:
    • Pwn Labs offers hands-on labs for cloud security training, similar to TryHackMe and Hack The Box, but focused on AWS, Azure, and GCP.
    • It provides both red team and blue team labs, with around 40 free labs available and a premium subscription for more advanced content.
  2. Lab Setup and Overview:
    • The lab involves remediating vulnerabilities using Amazon Inspector, focusing on Docker files and Lambda functions.
    • The lab scenario includes a collaboration with the DevOps team to assess and improve the security of their Elastic Container Registry (ECR) image deployment templates and Lambda functions.
  3. Elastic Container Registry (ECR):
    • ECR is a managed container image registry service by AWS, used to store and deploy Docker container images.
    • The lab involves checking for vulnerabilities in Docker files and updating the images in ECR.
  4. Docker File and Package.json:
    • The lab starts with analyzing a Docker file and associated package.json to identify vulnerabilities.
    • Common vulnerabilities in Docker images include outdated packages and security issues in dependencies.
  5. Amazon Inspector:
    • Amazon Inspector is used to scan Docker images in ECR for vulnerabilities.
    • The lab demonstrates how to authenticate Docker to ECR, build Docker images, tag them, and push them to the ECR repository.
  6. Suppressing False Positives:
    • The video covers identifying false positives in vulnerability findings, such as outdated package versions that are not actually vulnerable.
    • Suppression rules are created in Amazon Inspector to ignore these false positives.
  7. Using npm for Vulnerability Management:
    • The lab also involves using npm to check for outdated packages and vulnerabilities in the package.json file.
    • The video demonstrates updating packages and running npm audit to identify and fix vulnerabilities.
  8. Lambda Function Vulnerabilities:
    • Amazon Inspector is also used to scan Lambda functions for vulnerabilities, including code and package vulnerabilities.
    • The lab identifies and remediates vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and log injection in Lambda functions by updating the code.
  9. Final Steps and Recommendations:
    • The lab concludes with verifying that the vulnerabilities have been remediated and the findings have been cleared in Amazon Inspector.
    • Emphasis is placed on the importance of continuous monitoring and updating of dependencies and code to maintain security.