Ransom! Olympus Group

Victim: Olympus Group
Country : US
Actor: medusa
Source: http://medusaxko7jxtrojdkxo66j7ck4q5tgktf7uqsqyfry4ebnxlcbkccyd.onion/detail?id=b482852086ee01a42ad5bd5641bea999
Discovered: 2024-07-07 11:42:12.178197
Published: 2024-07-07 11:42:11.544060
Description : Olympus Group (founded 1893) – provides services in the field custom printing and sewing industry, specializing in large format digital and dye-sublimation printing. Olympus Group corporate office is located in 9000 W Heather Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53224, United States and has 254 employees. The total amount of data leakage is 436.9 GB

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