Nemesis Market Has Been Seized by Law Enforcement Agencies – Daily Dark Web

In a sweeping international law enforcement operation, Nemesis Market, a notorious darknet marketplace, was seized by authorities. The Frankfurt am Main Public Prosecutor’s Office, alongside the Federal Criminal Police Office, orchestrated the takedown, securing server infrastructure in Germany and Lithuania. Cryptocurrencies totaling 94,000 euros were confiscated during the operation.

This joint effort involved German, American, and Lithuanian law enforcement agencies, with investigations dating back to October 2022. Nemesis Market, accessible via the Tor network, was a hub for criminal activity, facilitating the sale of narcotics, illicit data, and cybercrime services. With over 150,000 users and 1,100 sellers worldwide, the marketplace’s demise marks a significant blow to the dark web’s illicit economy. The shutdown marks a significant blow to the dark web’s criminal ecosystem, with seized data expected to fuel further investigations against platform users and sellers.

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