Fort Rolins Collection Agency | malas

Victim: Fort Rolins Collection Agency
Country : ID
Actor: malas
Source: http://malas2urovbyyavjzaezkt5ohljvyd5lt7vv7mnsgbf2y4bwlh72doqd.onion/posts/fortrolins/
Discovered: 2023-05-18 11:29:55.649054


They act like they don’t see🙈 our ransom note🗒 , or they just don’t negotiate🤝with cyberterrorists💣. They restore their backups and think ignoring us🙉 makes us go away. So now we also restore their backups, for all of you.

Harita Group is dedicated to mining, logging rainforests🐒😭 to plant palm oil monocultures, coal, and anything else that’ll make them a profit through destroying their countries’ environment. Their Swiss🇨🇭🇭 partner Glencore is well documented for it’s human rights and environmental abuses in Latin America, including hiring paramilitary killers to drive indigenous off their lands so they can steal it. We think it’s likely they operate the same in Indonesia and journalists will like to look through their emails