Delhi Police Alerts Citizens to New Cyber Scam

Authorities in Delhi are cautioning residents to remain vigilant against a recent surge in cyber fraud cases known as ‘digital house arrest,’ with over 200 incidents reported monthly in the capital.
Described as a serious threat by senior officials, this tactic employed by cybercriminals aims to coerce victims into parting with their money once ensnared in their schemes.
In this scheme, scammers posing as law enforcement officers deceive victims into believing their bank accounts, SIM cards, Aadhaar cards, or other linked documents have been compromised. The victims are then virtually confined to their homes and pressured into paying the scammers.
According to a senior officer from the Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations (IFSO) unit of the Delhi Police, cases involving amounts exceeding Rs 50 lakh are investigated by their specialized team.
In a recent case, a man preparing for work received a call from someone claiming to be from the Mumbai Crime Branch. The caller accused the victim of involvement in drug trafficking using his Aadhaar card and instructed him not to leave his house during a prolonged interrogation session. The victim, fearing repercussions, complied. Eventually, the scammers gained remote access to his computer, drained his bank account, and vanished.
These fraudsters often employ forged police letterheads and use translation tools to enhance their communication. They specifically target vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly. Victims are urged to immediately report such incidents to the police helpline for assistance.
According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), cybercrime cases in Delhi nearly doubled in 2022, with reported incidents increasing from 345 to 685. This marks a significant rise from the 166 cases reported in 2020.

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