SCAA Suffers Cyberattack: 70,000 Members’ Data Potentially Compromised

The South China Athletic Association (SCAA) was rocked by a cyberattack as unauthorized third parties breached the organization’s computer servers, sparking concerns over the security of member data. In response to the SCAA cyberattack, the Association swiftly implemented measures to address the breach and protect its members.

In an official press statement, the SCAA expressed deep regret over the cyber incident and outlined immediate response actions, including the shutdown of affected computer equipment to mitigate potential risks to member data security.

“The computer servers of the South China Athletic Association were invaded by an unauthorized third party on March 17, 2024. We deeply regret and took immediate response measures to shut down the affected computer equipment to protect our members. Personal data security (including name, date of birth, ID number, address),” reads the SCAA official press statement.

SCAA Cyberattack Reported to PCPD

The Association also reported the matter to law enforcement authorities, with a formal report also submitted to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PCPD) in Hong Kong.

Subsequently, the PCPD released a statement, estimating that approximately 70,000 data subjects could be affected by the breach. The PCPD has launched an investigation and urged the SCAA to notify affected individuals while adhering to established protocols promptly.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PCPD) received a data breach notification from the South China Athletic Association (SCAA) yesterday (18 March), reporting that about 70,000 data subjects may have been affected by the data breach incident. The PCPD has advised the relevant organization to notify the affected data subjects as soon as possible, and has commenced an investigation into the incident in accordance with established procedures,” PCPD’s official statement reads.

PCPD Recommendations to Protect Personal Data Privacy

Given the potential exposure of sensitive personal data, the PCPD appeals to affected individuals to remain vigilant and report any suspicions of data leakage promptly. The PCPD has provided contact information for inquiries or complaints, emphasizing the importance of proactive measures to safeguard personal data privacy.

Furthermore, the PCPD has issued a set of recommendations to help affected persons protect their personal data privacy in the wake of the SCAA data breach. They advise considering changing passwords of online accounts and activating multi-factor authentication where available. Additionally, exercising caution regarding any unusual logins to personal email accounts is recommended.

It’s also suggested to review bank statements vigilantly to identify any unauthorized transactions and to remain alert to suspicious calls, text messages, or emails from unknown sources.

Furthermore, individuals are urged to avoid opening attachments or clicking on links in text messages or emails from unverified sources and to refrain from readily disclosing personal data. Lastly, staying vigilant against phishing attempts and other potential scams is emphasized.

SCAA Condemned Cybercrime

In light of the SCAA cyberattack, the Association has condemned cybercrime in all forms and assured full cooperation with law enforcement agencies. Despite the severity of the SCAA data breach, no evidence has emerged thus far suggesting the compromise of personal data. However, the SCAA acknowledges the gravity of the situation and vows to take comprehensive action to prevent future breaches.

“We will continue to provide updates and further information to members through our official website and other channels. The South China Association once again sincerely apologizes to the affected members. We will spare no effort to strengthen our security measures to ensure the safety of member data and restore the trust our members have in us,” reads SCAA official release.

To protect the interests of potentially affected members, the SCAA has activated an emergency plan and will notify individuals impacted by the SACC cyberattack. Members are urged to exercise vigilance and caution against potential misuse of leaked information. A dedicated email address has been established (The Cyber Express assumes no liability for the accuracy or consequences of using this information.


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