Russian Hacker Groups Allegedly Launch DDoS Attacks on Ukrainian Websites in Retaliation for Moscow Terrorist Incident – Daily Dark Web

Sapphire Clan, alongside other Russian hacker collectives, has purportedly initiated a series of DDoS attacks against Ukrainian websites. These cyber assaults are reportedly carried out in response to a recent terrorist attack in Moscow. Among the targeted sites are critical Ukrainian entities such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (, the “Cyber Regiment” organization (, and platforms related to Ukrainian energy (

Prior to this, the “Unknowns group” had also declared its intention to conduct cyber attacks against Ukraine, launching a campaign named “Tsunami.” They too cited the same Moscow incident as the impetus for their actions.

The coordinated cyber attacks by various Russian hacker groups against Ukrainian targets, motivated by the Moscow terrorist attack, underscore the growing trend of geopolitical tensions manifesting in cyberspace.

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