Ransom! Merritt Properties, LLC

Victim: Merritt Properties, LLC
Country : US
Actor: medusa
Source: http://medusaxko7jxtrojdkxo66j7ck4q5tgktf7uqsqyfry4ebnxlcbkccyd.onion/detail?id=5dfa66ecc33df6fa55bdbf849a06e6be
Discovered: 2024-05-08 09:25:27.834090
Published: 2024-05-07 21:07:59.12345
Description : Merritt Properties, LLC develops and manages commercial properties in Maryland. It offers land entitlement and rezoning, site development. Merritt Properties corporate office is located in 2066 Lord Baltimore Dr, Windsor Mill, Maryland, 21244, United States and has 268 employees. The total amount of data leakage is 70.67 GB

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