Ransom! Guhring USA

Victim: Guhring USA
Country :
Actor: incransom
Source: http://incblog6qu4y4mm4zvw5nrmue6qbwtgjsxpw6b7ixzssu36tsajldoad.onion/blog/disclosures/668418ae3547f22b7c8b2fea
Discovered: 2024-07-08 12:11:24.233424
Published: 2024-07-02 15:11:42.287000
Description : Guhring is a world-class manufacturer of round shank cutting tools for the metalworking industry; also a provider of top-quality coating, reconditioning and tool management services.

More than a century of expertise in cutting tool manufacturing, combined with powerful R&D resources, place Guhring at the forefront of technical innovations in cutting tools.

Globally there are 26 production plants and 36 service centers, along with hundreds of knowledgeable technical support experts, providing Guhring products and services to the industry.

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