Codezero Raises $3.5 Million for DevOps Security Solution

Secure enterprise microservices development startup Codezero this week announced that it has raised $3.5 million in a seed funding round led by Ballistic Ventures, with additional funding from angel investors.

The Vancouver, Canada-based company aims to streamline Kubernetes software development workflows by providing an identity-aware overlay network for managing access and control over staging and production systems.

Instead of burdening developers with the complexity of access management, Codezero’s Teamspaces product allows them to easily create environments containing services spanning local machines and the cloud.

Teamspaces creates an ephemeral environment identical to production, which can be accessible from anywhere, facilitating collaboration while eliminating vulnerabilities.

The solution can be used with the existing infrastructure, tools, and CI/CD pipelines. It allows developers to direct traffic through the shared development cluster to their local machines, and can be used across multiple cloud infrastructures.

Codezero says it can also simplify Kubernetes management, it integrates with existing clusters, bridges local and remote environments securely, and ensures that security is a built-in feature, to streamline development.

The company plans to use the investment to expand its sales and marketing teams to reach into cloud service providers, enterprise DevOps and DevSecOps organizations, and cloud migration specialists.

“Multi-cloud, microservices-based architectures have become essential for digital business transformation. However, developing microservices across disparate cloud environments can force tradeoffs between developer productivity and security. Our mission is to empower DevOps teams with collaborative, multi-cloud infrastructure that prioritizes both security and developer productivity,” Codezero CEO and co-founder Reed Clayton said.

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