Anonymous Sudan Allegedly Launches Cyber Attack on Alabama State Infrastructure, Citing Political Grievances – Daily Dark Web

Anonymous Sudan purportedly orchestrated a substantial cyber-assault targeting critical infrastructure within the State of Alabama, United States, impacting entities including the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, the State of Alabama Office of Information Technology, and the Alabama Supercomputer Authority.

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA): Established in 2015 through the merger of 12 state law enforcement agencies, ALEA serves as the coordinating body for public safety in Alabama, operating within the state’s Executive Branch.

State of Alabama Office of Information Technology (OIT): Tasked with managing the technology infrastructure and services utilized by state government agencies, OIT aims to deliver efficient, effective, and secure IT solutions to support their operations and objectives.

Alabama Supercomputer Authority (ASA): ASA is a state agency offering high-performance computing resources and services to academic institutions, research entities, and governmental bodies across Alabama.

The purported motive behind the cyber-attack, as stated by Anonymous Sudan, is to protest against the United States’ support for Israel and its alleged interference in Sudanese affairs. Additionally, the group aims to draw attention to the challenging circumstances faced by Sudan. They have indicated their intent to persist with such actions until their grievances are addressed.

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